Helicopter Heaven From Ground Zero Of Hurricane Charley


After walking around in an unfamiliar enviroment as a "Wing-Nut" for 30 minutes or so, listening to things like, "pitch-out" or "Tic-Tock", I got the sense of excitement from these "Rotor-Heads" That all of us in the R/C Hobby enjoy...FUN, FUN and More FUN !
Here are some of the people who made this event happen, and those enjoying it.



Opposite Ends Of The "Fun" Scale

That Guy Needs To See Frank Diaz At The Gate...


Allen & Jason...Local Guys I've Personally Watched Grow In Age AND Experience

Ain't You That Famous 'Heeli Chopter' Guy ?


Team FUTABA In Paradise


Paul Giles Beautiful Scale Dauphin and a nice FAI Bird.


These are the people who are REALLY enjoying Heli Paradise !


HEY ?!! That Ain't No Helicopter !       Nice Job ALEX !!





I'd like to thank everyone who was out there at CRCS Heli Fun Fly for suffering thru my questions and pictures. The Balsa Girls Had A Great Time, and they're diggin' the T-Shirts Paul...THANKS again P.S. - WE SAW BALSA BUSTED!!!

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